Gilman Funeral Home

Located on Church Street in Putnam the Gilman Funeral Home overlooks the Quinebaug River. This is also the location of the main office where funeral arrangements take place, both for services at the Gilman and Valade Funeral Homes.

Park Tribute Center

The Park Tribute Center is Windham County’s only crematory and it is used exclusively for Gilman & Valade families.
Separated into two rooms, the gathering room offers the option for families to have a viewing, committal ceremony, reception, or a customized service of their choice. The cremation room is the area where the cremation takes place. A window with a curtain separates the gathering room from the cremation room, which allows the family to participate in as much or as little of the cremation process as they feel comfortable.

The Park Tribute Center offers the ideal environment for those who choose cremation. Most funeral homes subcontract the cremation procedure to a third party, but having our own guarantees that your loved one never leaves our care. Through careful procedures, our staff assures that each cremation is done with dignity and respect in an environment that is welcoming and transparent.

We encourage those interested in cremation to visit and educate themselves with a tour from one of our staff members.

Valade Funeral Home

Located on Main Street in cozy North Grosvenordale the Valade Funeral Home is conveniently situated across the street from St. Joseph Catholic Church and St. Joseph Cemetery.